Pet Halloween Costumes: A Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Outfit

If you want to get the perfect Halloween outfit for your pet, you should know some tips. Click here to learn about choosing pet Halloween costumes.

Who says Halloween is just for humans? There are 31 million people who can show you otherwise when they purchase pet Halloween costumes. Many also use the opportunity to get creative, crafting home made costumes and accessories for their furry friends. If you’re planning to go the DIY route, you may be interested in the top sewing machines under $100 to make designing a custom costume easier.

And while some pups and kitties love to show off their cuteness, others might be a little shy. It comes down to finding the right costume for the right pet.
Make sure you choose wisely and safely this year by following a few guidelines.
Signs Not to Dress Up Your Pet
Chances are that you put your pet in costume at least once, from seeing what they look in your sunglasses, to trying on a winter sweater in the snow. So, you should have some idea if your dog likes to play dress -up.

But, when it comes to Halloween costumes, they can be more intricate and have to stay on for more than a few seconds. Here are a few signs that your dog might not like dressing up or needs a more simple get-up.

Pacing or running obsessively
Chewing at the costume
Shaking the costume off
Panting for more than 30 minutes
Laying down and refusing to get up or move

These are warning signs that your dog is not comfortable, is anxious, or even angry and frustrated. Remove the costume and consider an alternative or nothing at all.

Simple Alternatives to Costumes

If your dog cannot wear a full pet Halloween costume than there are still ways to use them in your costume. You can tie a bandanna or bow-tie on their neck if they are accustomed to it.
You can also incorporate your pet into your costume without dressing them up.

This change of plans may make you rethink your outfit, but it will be worth it to include your furry friend.
For example, you could be Red Riding Hood and your dog is the big bad wolf. Or your cat could accompany Alice in Wonderland as the Cheshire Cat.
Safety Tips

If you know your pet will enjoy playing dress-up, there are still several concerns about safety.

Your pet should be able to move around as usual. Dogs need to walk, lie down, sit, and roll over as before. Cats need to jump, walk, and pounce without a problem.

Halloween pets need also to be able to drink and eat. Make sure they can bend their necks to reach their water and food dishes.

Do not cover their faces or ears which can restrict their breathing, seeing, and hearing. Dogs and cats rely on both sight and sound to know if an object is in their way.

The costume shouldn’t impair their ability to breath by constricting their stomach or chest. It also shouldn’t be too loose as pets can trip overhanging fabrics. So, make sure it is the right size and avoid long capes.

Small objects and accessories like buttons or sequin pieces can easily be ingested. These are choking hazards for your pet. Also, beware if toxic items like glow sticks.

Noisy costumes that include voice recording and sounds or rustling fabric will deter your pet from staying calm in the outfit.

Choosing a Design

Now that you know all the safety precautions to take, let’s pick the right costume for your pet.

First, think about your pet’s personality. Is your pet shy and reserved? Or spunky and active? Your costume choice should highlight their behavior and over presence.

If your cat is confident and a bit of a showoff, try a superhero costume like batman. Or if your dog is silly and likes to lick, try a cute teddy bear or clown costume.

Your pet’s size also determines the style of the costume. Some outfits won’t fit short-legged pups, and some will be too small for large breeds.

Outfits should not limit their ability to go to the bathroom too. This will make things easier for you when you don’t have a stained costume in your future.
Finally, pick a cool theme that is unique yet well-known so people will be able to recognize it. It should also be visible and not blend into your pet’s coat. This is important for safety reasons and to get accolades for your costume choice.
Match their theme with yours, your other pet’s, or your whole family’s costume.

Picking the Right Size

It is essential to measure your pet before buying a costume. Most outfits show the measurements on the package, but dogs especially can be odd-shaped.
In addition to taking accurate measurements, estimate the fit of the costume. Is it too long for a short dog? Maybe try one that goes on the front part of your pet. Is your pet a little bit on the heavy side? Then go up a size.

If possible, buy your pet’s costume where they have a flexible return policy. You can try it on and return or exchange it if it doesn’t fit. Most stores will allow returns up until the day after Halloween.

Where to Buy Pet Halloween Costumes?

You will find a few pet costumes in large department stores. These costumes might be generic and not have the famous characters that you are looking for.
Halloween shops have higher-quality and tend to carry trending outfits for your pet. This does mean that costumes will be more expensive in most cases.
Pet stores also carry costumes, but they may be limited since this is not there primary inventory. The best part is that you can bring your pet inside these stores and try on outfits before you buy them.

You will find the most options online, but you won’t be able to check the size and quality. The return options might be an issue as well.

For crafty pet owners, there is the option of making your outfit. You can get creative with things from around the house or go crazy with the sewing machine. This all depends on your skill and time available.

Preparing Your Pet

You have your pet’s costume picked out and tried it on them. Your next step is to do a practice run.
If you are planning to take your pet to a party or trick or treating, you want to make sure your pet is comfortable.
Take them on a walk several times with the costume on and at least one time should be at night.

Older dogs may have trouble with all the walking. Try innovet hip and joint supplements to make sure they are in shape for the long night ahead of them.
Make sure to keep candy away from your pets since most sugary treats are toxic to them.

Top Pet Costumes

Here are some of the most creative and adorable pet costumes to consider this year.

Stuffed Animal

This DIY puppy Halloween costume is repurposed from an old stuffed animal. It is perfect for small dogs and keeps your pup warm during a chilly Halloween.

You will have to remove the stuffing out of most of the stuffed animal leaving just the head and front legs or arms. The back legs will be pulled over your pet’s hind legs.

Use these complete instructions to make your cuddly outfit.

Beanie Baby

If you are looking for labrador Halloween costumes for a dog who doesn’t like to play dress up this costume may work.

All you need to do is cut some cardstock in the shape of a TY tag and color it with some markets. Attach it to your dog’s collar for an instant costume.

UPS Delivery Dog

Want to be ironic this Halloween? Have your dog dress up as their mortal enemy, the UPS driver.

The costume slides over the front paws and includes a package in the attached fake hands. Top it off with an adorable hat the stays in place through the pup’s ears.

“Despicable Me” Minion

Dress your partner in crime in this cute ensemble to match your villain costume. It fits over your pet’s head and on the front legs and ears to give them complete mobility.

It comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to fit any breed.
Business Dog

Your dog can get classy this Halloween with this little pup business suit. It is equipped with a blazer, tie, and the classic white button-down shirt.

Make it a scary version by adding some blood to the costume. Your dog will look like its been worked to death.
Share Your Pet’s Costume

There’s no doubt that the internet loves pet Halloween costumes. So, give the public what they want and share your pet’s photo on your social media account.
There are even some photo contests out there that offer some sweet prizes for your pup.

For more places to show off your pet’s costumes, visit the events section of our website.