Perturbia, The Most Terrifying Game You’ll Never Win


Perturbia is an interactive experience evolved into a 3D horror adventure game (for PC & Mac) that puts players on a challenge. It’s designed to raise the bar on the level of difficulty in comparison with other first person horror games, drawing the player into a story that fits perfectly into the psycho-thriller genre. As a survival horror game, it makes the player struggle against a hostile environment with few resources at hand, forcing them to solve logic-based puzzles.

To help fund the final stage of development, Imaginary Game Studio has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for $18,000.


The press release explains “Unlike most modern games, Perturbia proposes a challenge more difficult to achieve. Playing as Josh, you’ll uncover the most dark secrets of his mind, which will blend into a terrifying and unique story. You’ll be tested in both terrifying and demanding ways. We believe that many players are still looking forward to playing those old-school games that demanded great effort and even frustration to be beaten, but offering satisfaction in exchange. For those of you who still remember this old-school feeling as we do, here is Perturbia.”

Inspirations for this project include horror cult classics such as Alone in the Dark, The 7th Guest, Gabriel Knight and Silent Hill.


The game has been approved for the Steam platform, and the developers have conformed that it will be compatible with the Occulus Rift. The Perturbia extended demo is available to download here. It includes three complete scenarios that features three puzzle-solving challenges, as well as an old-school shooting mini-game. For those interested, these is also a free comic based on the game available.

Currently the team still need over $17,000 with just over a fortnight left of their crowdfunding campaign. You can support the campaign on Kickstarter, and check out the trailer below.