People Are Divided Over ‘Creepy’ Disney World Reopening Ad

Among thousands of other locations, Disney has been forced to close their theme parks during the coronavirus crisis. After three months in lockdown, they are now testing limited reopenings in some of their parks. Walt Disney World and Animal Kingdom in Florida reopened at the weekend with reduced capacity, hygiene regimes and social distancing.

Disney naturally wanted to reassure park visitors that they will be taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus. They recently launched an ad campaign showing guests what to expect when they return to ride the attractions. The commercial shows areas of both parks being cleaned, employees wearing face masks and footage of empty rides running test ahead of the opening date.

But Disney fans are divided over whether the new advert is creepy or heartwarming. Some have said that it gives off the impression of a post apocalyptic reality, claiming the masks add a dystopian look to the happiest place on Earth.

Others have defended the ad, saying that the message is mostly reassuring and shows that Disney is making changes to ensure guests are safe.

What do think of the new commercial — Innocent or accidentally terrifying?