Patronizing These 7 Chains will Let You Support Good Causes

Nowadays, good products and great service are not the only things people look for in a business to convince them to support it. Nowadays, the politics and causes of a brand can also win and lose customers and clients. Especially during tough and turbulent times like this, consumers want to make sure that their money is going to the right people.

Luckily, most local restaurants are active participants in the communities they’re in. You’ll easily know how they give back as they often host their own charitable activities. However, for bigger brands, like restaurant chains, it might be a bit trickier to know which causes they support. So if you’re interested in knowing which ones share the same values as yours, we’ve rounded up seven chains that are long-term supporters of various causes to make things easier for you.

Panera Bread

It’s not surprising that this cozy and hearty fast casual chain is one of the many brands that support several causes. They are known to provide healthier dining alternatives to consumers so it’s easy to assume that they are trying to make a change. 

Some of the many good deeds that they do include donating unsold food to charity so they don’t just feed the hungry but they also help minimize food waste. They also used to run pay-what-you-can stores in low-income neighborhoods. Unfortunately, they were not sustainable due to many factors so they had to be closed down after a few years.

Despite all that, Panera Bread menu has something for everyone and almost for every budget.


As a chain that promotes and provides healthy eating, it can also be expected that Sweetgreen has many advocacies of its own. Their pandemic response in the communities their stores are in is laudable as they quickly took steps to support local frontliners.

Another very notable cause that they’re pushing forward is feeding students healthier meals in schools. Their ‘Sweetgreen in Schools’ program is a partnership with FoodCorps and is designed to provide healthier meals to school children as they largely rely on school meals for their daily nutrition.

By ordering their seasonal bowls, you can also support this cause as Sweetgreen will donate $1 for every purchase.

Jack in the Box

This West Coast dining icon has been around for quite a while now that it makes sense that they’ve already done a lot to support various causes through the years. They have certainly given back to the communities and people that loved and enjoyed their food for decades through various ways.

Among their top charitable deeds include their continuous partnership with No Kid Hungry and their part in the launch of Operation Bigs which provide mentorship for children from military families.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

There are lots of reasons to choose Chuck E. Cheese’s as a venue for your kid’s next birthday party aside from its popularity. By giving them business, you can also help them support many meaningful causes that are mostly related to the improvement of other children’s lives.

A proud partner of the Boys & Girls Club of America, they always have some way for their patrons to provide support to the organization. They also host their own campaigns all throughout the year.

Other non-profits also love this chain as they’re one of the easiest to work with for local fundraisers.


Through the Starbucks Foundation, Starbucks has started several efforts to give back to the public. This is worth noting because with their global scale, they don’t just get to help out folks in the US but in other countries as well.

Like many other chains on this list, Starbucks also primarily provides support to young people who are in need. They also give out community grants to local nonprofits and programs. They also support tea and coffee-producing communities.

Shake Shack

Despite being a chain, Shake Shack tries to be as immersed to its communities as much as possible. However, unlike others, they try to take things further as they make an effort to support their neighbors. They don’t just do it through donations and giving back. They also make sure to be sustainable and support other local businesses, individuals, and artists as well.

As for giving back, they work with No Kid Hungry in the efforts of ending child hunger in the US. They also work with lots of local charities who receive portions of 5% of their total sales.


Aside from food, Chipotle also does good through the way it gives back to the public. The fact that it was able to help raise more than $20 million in fundraisers in 2017 gives it a generous and helpful vibe.

  1. However, unlike the other restaurants listed above, Chipotle doesn’t really partner with a major charitable institution to give back. Instead, the amount mentioned above is raised in house to help various non-profits who turned to the brand for their events. This makes the way they help quite unique and sustained at the grass roots of their operations.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have advocacies, however. They donate in-kind and support various community organizations and nonprofits. They have also launched their Cultivate Foundation which aims to help farmers.

Support Good Causes while Enjoying a Great Meal

If you’re the type who wants to stretch your dollar by supporting good causes while getting a good meal in exchange, dining at these chains can be one way to do it. By eating at these restaurants, the only thing you might end up feeling bad about is the amount of calories you’ll be consuming.