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After several months of careful thought. we are very excited to launch our Patreon campaign. We spent a lot of time looking at various options and researching the platform, and would like to invite our fans to now become our Patrons.

We’ve built a fantastic horror-loving community over the past four years – but it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain Popcorn Horror with a very minimal budget. We’ve proved that we can achieve a lot with very little funding, and now we’d love the opportunity to work more closely with our fans and develop Popcorn Horror even further.

Supporting us through Patreon would be an enormous help in maintaining and developing Popcorn Horror. It would assist us in covering the server fees for the website, running events and competitions. It would allow us to develop more of our original content, such as our podcast and webcomic as well as get the equipment needed to develop in other areas. It would allow the creators more freedom to create even more great content, and to expand Popcorn Horror into other fields such as short film production, festivals and conventions.

Patreon has proven a very successful platform for many creative individuals, and we’re excited to get on board and continue supporting indie horror content using this revolutionary new platform.

So, now we’ll ask – will you consider becoming a Patron? We have some great rewards and new ways to get involved available – and supporting Popcorn Horror can start with just $1. Click here to support us on Patreon. 

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Popcorn Horror is the new home of independent horror. Created by Horror fans for Horror fans!

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