This Pathologist Runs The Goriest Account on Instagram [Graphic Images]

We’ll warn you ahead of time, that there’s going to be some gruesome images of real human corpses below – so proceed with caution.

Mrs. Angemi works as a pathologist’s assistant, and her Instagram account has been labelled as the goriest on the site. She shares images which allow us to see parts of the human anatomy that are usually kept hidden, including medical oddities and disease. The account has drawn numerous controversies, with viewers finding the images of fetuses, dissected brains and tumours particularly shocking.

She began documenting corpses on her blog before starting to share the photographs on Instagram. She now has almost two million followers fascinated by the project. Despite the pictures seeming shocking, she explains that they should be looked at from an educational perspective and not for their shock value. She often shares images of rare conditions to educate her followers. “I think I have a different view of death just because I get to see it every day,” she said, “People are interested in dead bodies and people are interested in surgeries,” she says. “I mean, it’s like human nature, so I just want to show it.”