Parents Craft Candy Slide for Socially Distanced Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating is a tradition loved by children around the world. But with Halloween 2020 set to look very different from past celebrations, parents are beginning to strategize how to make the activity safer. Amid the coronavirus crisis, parents are exploring methods of promoting social distancing while still allowing Halloween fun and frights.

The crafty folks at Wicked Makers have come up with an ingenious prop for candy distribution at a safe distance. Jaimie and Jay who run the channel have two kids and post a range of DIY activity ideas for families.

Wicked Makers new video explains the process in detail, and they have also made printable instructions available for free – so you can have a go at making your own spooky slide.

The items you need can be found at DIY stores, or are common household items. When the construction was complete, the couple added some Halloween props and cheese cloth to add some eerie atmosphere to the design.

The basic shape which allows you to dispense the treats could be adapted into endless creative designs. We’d love to see iterations based on classic horror movies and mythical monsters!

How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this October? Let us know if you try to craft any social distance promoting props.