Paranormal Doc ‘Hotel Camarillo’ Takes You Inside an Infamous Mental Asylum

Hotel Camarillo Paranormal Documentary Poster


A paranormal investigation takes us inside the abandoned Camarillo State Mental Hospital in California. Featuring real archival footage, EVP, photos and interviews with the investigators documenting the paranormal activity inside the reportedly haunted location.

Written & directed by Wayne Poe, and produced by Seventh Planet Productions; ‘Hotel Camarillo’ is now available to Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, UK, DE & JP. The feature film is also available for rent on Amazon Video for only $1.99.

Hotel Camarillo Paranormal Documentary 1


Armand Petri, Head of Operations at Reel Nightmare Films, tells viewers “’Hotel Camarillo’ is a must-see for fans of paranormal investigations and ghost hunters; and for anyone who finds historical locations interesting.”


Check out the trailer below and Amazon Prime subscribers can stream the whole documentary here.


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