Papercut Horror Art by Eelus

We’re loving artist Eelus’ papercut pieces. Layering differently textured paper, Eelus has created a range of horror characters and posters. Our personal favourites are his series of Universal Monster characters, a set of 3D collages made for his solo exhibition Horrorshow at Ink-d Gallery in Brighton during Halloween of 2013.  Eelus began his career in school, where he would sell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawings in order to buy chocolate. The artist explains “A lot of great things have happened since then. I’ve made my passport a little more interesting, and drank with people I used to read about. I’ve made work for people I’ve seen in movies and who’ve made music I’ve danced to. I’ve painted walls that have made people stop and smile and I’ve exhibited alongside people who’ve inspired me.” When he isn’t creating art, Eelus enjoys reading horror, watching sci-fi or searching YouTube for Bigfoot sightings.

Find out more at his website, and check out some of our favourites below.


papercut monster

‘The Monster, Hand-cut paper and spray paint



The Creature, Hand-cut paper and spray paint


Wolfman papercut

The Werewolf, Hand-cut paper and spray paint



The Vampire, Hand-cut paper and spray paint



3D paper collage based on John Carpenter’s classic They Live, made for Gallery 1988‘s Crazy 4 Cult 7 show in NYC.



Originally made as a 3D paper collage but has since been turned into a limited edition screen print. The print can be picked up from Eelus’ shop, and you can get an insight into it’s production from his journal.



A 3D paper collage made for my solo exhibition Horrorshow at  Ink_d Gallery in Brighton.