Papers For Characters Designs

Spanish design studio Atipo has created Papeles de cine, a collection of beautiful minimalistic fil, posters made of clever paper art, featuring a few of our favourite horror icons. As part of a promotional campaign to announce the new Paper Gallery website by create graphic service provider Minke, each poster uses the weight, texture, and colour of sheets of paper to create sleek works of art and design.

These “papers for characters” were each manipulated by hand to produce clever representations of iconic films like Frankenstein, Dracula, and Alien. With just a burn, a rip, some crumpling, or ingenious color selection, Atipo manages to accurately convey themes or content of the movies with just pieces of paper, rendering the posters instantly recognizable to any fans of these classics. Although the paper art is clean and simple in design, they are rich in symbolism, embodying the philosophy that less is often more.