Paid VS Free Stock Photos for Your Official Website

If it’s free, then you are the product. Not really. Sometimes, ignorance about a subject is what makes you the outcome. We usually have to pay for skills we do not have. One such pocket-goblin situation is when we put our hopes and dreams into a website, looking for free stock photos to fill it up with. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind before you decide which one of the two paths to take.

  1. Plagiarism Will Find You-

A basic Google search tells you that plagiarism is not precisely received with warmth. Moreover, the free photos that pop up are usually of poor quality, and the shiny ones have eyes on your dollars. Fear of ruining the aesthetics and impact of our website, we give up and let the professionals do the work for a fee. But what if you don’t have to pay for those photos anymore?

  1. Sources For Free Yet Quality Photos-

Freerange is your bae. With over thousands of stock photos that are free to access and use, an excellent creative search is sure to land you with the perfect image from all the free photos. It also provides videos and animated graphics that will add that professional look to your site.

Pexels is that perfectionist that values quality. Finding free photos for your website is quite a task here, but it will be worth every pixel when you do. The images seen here will give your website those posh aesthetics which decide if your viewer will stay on the page or not. is another player in our team which provides photos that are free to use. This beast maintains a balance between quantity and quality. Although the available photos do not come with download options for different sizes, it rarely comes in the way of cropping it up to perfection.

  1. How to Find the Perfect Photos –
  • You will need to put extra grind minutes to get exactly what you want. The paid photo providers like Freerange Stock Premium will give you guaranteed good quality and plag-free images, but you can do the work yourself, and after a while, you will find yourself getting better and faster at this. 
  • You may not get exactly what you intended with just one search. You will have to draw upon your creative reservoir and then search with various angles about the subject. Using synonymous words or words that are generally associated with the issue will land you different and unique images. 
  • One website will never be enough. You will have to search at multiple spots and then decide which image fits your content the best. Sometimes, you might even have to change your content a bit to fit a photo you like. 


For the moment of truth, it will not be an easy task to find the perfect photos, but if you want to save some money and learn a practical skill in the process, you should go for the free photos-hunt. These websites will not always guarantee a confident stance on being plag-free, but careful searches and a Google reverse image search will guide you through the mazes, and you will come out of them with money in one hand and good images in the other.