Ozploitation Horror ‘The Faceless Man’ Drops Trailer

Australian filmmaker James Di Martino, has revealed the trailer and artwork for his feature horror Ozploitation film The Faceless Man, which he describes as Evil Dead (1981) meets Wolf Creek (2005) with a splash of Get Out (2017).

The film preys on societies fears around cancer, and follows Emily, a cancer survivor who embarks on a drug-fueled holiday with several friends. Her fears of a recurrence of the illness are triggered when she encounters a faceless monster while they are all enraged by locals who have a strict no-drugs policy and a group of Russian mobsters who are searching for a missing suitcase.

Director James Di Martino explains; “The Faceless man is a story that represents the fear we all share about getting cancer. The manifestation of this fear is shown as the titular parasitic monster “The Faceless Man”, a hideous beast that is our fear incarnate. Drawing from my personal experiences of having cancer at a young age, The Faceless Man uses cancer as a concept to create a horror feature around the brutal truth of getting sick with cancer and the fear of getting it again. The six main friends all just want to have fun
and go on a drug fuelled weekend away to avoid their problems. The protagonist Emily comes from nothing but trauma, having had cancer and being in remission for three years, only to start suffering a relapse. Or is it something more?”

The Faceless Man is a low budget horror/film made in Melbourne Australia. The film explores elements of cancer and mental heath disorders in the form of a faceless monster and fictional town. Filming took place over three months in 2018, a total of 30 shoot days across 11 locations. The Faceless Man monster design was created by the James Di Martino (director) with Austen Mengler’s illustrations and brought to life by SFX artists Emma Rose and Dale Blamford.

Check out the trailer below.

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