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Popcorn Horror partners are horror sites and blogs who have joined forces with us to invest back into independent, grassroots horror. Together, we’re going to rise up like a zombie hoard and take over the world. Our partners will be using our brand new toolset Bolster to support indie horror content from around the world.

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Michael Joy, Horror News Net. Michael is the Operations Manager at and is responsible for the websites public relations and creative content, etc. Michael is also known for the paranormal column, Unexplained Confidential and the underground promotion, Hardcore Wrestling International. He recently wrote the screenplay for DEAD afterlife The Movie and is represented by Marie Lemelle of Platinum Star PR and Apple Talent Group. He currently has a working relationship with Combat Zone Wrestling and has partnered with Wrestling Legend, Austin Idol, for an undisclosed wrestling project. is a popular horror genre site marketed to all aspects of the Horror industry. While horror is our #1 focus, we also feature extensive material in areas such as Science Fiction, Paranormal, Asian Horror, Cult Films, Heavy Metal, Fantasy, Wrestling and Extreme Action. is comprised of over 40 writers who contribute various aspects to the features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, exclusive interviews, podcast radio shows and a collective of original articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.

What do you love about horror?

Horror can introduce dark fantastic worlds and characters like no other genre. Horror can have you on the edge of your seat in suspense, ready to pull every raw emotion out of your body and soul… and it’s goes great with popcorn.

What is your earliest horror memory?

My horror roots started growing in the 1970’s during my childhood while watching creature double feature and discovering classics that included, Frankenstein, King Kong, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. During my youth, I was obsessed with all things horror. My favorite comedy as a kid even had monsters involved, Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. My best toys included a Haunted Mansion board game and Jaws game. Once my family got cable television, I was up late nights being frightened by Motel Hell, The Shining, and John Carpenter’s Halloween. Those were wonderful times.


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Jason, Zombie Popcorn is a life-long activist and is currently working at The Pachamama Alliance. When he is not working he spends his time recording shows, writing blogs, collecting 3D movies, and looking for any reason to use his fog machine and homemade blood.

Zombie Popcorn offers series of podcasts/netcasts, including, This Non-Religious Life, The Talking Dead, The New Architects, Coalesce, and some one off programs.  In addition to the shows we offer, the Zombie Popcorn blog covers everything from 3D, horror, pop culture, politics, music, and movies, including contests and giveaways.

What do you love about horror?

What isn’t there to love about horror movies?  I can remember, as a child, my parents would roll the tv set in my room at night so I could watch the midnight 3D horror flick hosted by Elvira.  Moments like these are what build the love for horror.

What is your earliest horror memory?

I remember being in my room all alone, sitting with my 3D glasses on, scared out of my mind. The fear would be so strong that I wouldn’t even get out of bed to turn the light on to expose what was hiding in the shadows. I didn’t know what would be worse, not knowing what was there or confronting what was hiding by shining a light on it, so I always went with not knowing.   At the same time, so freaking excited about watching a 3D movie and enjoying something that was so unreal and amazing.

 I don’t have those scary moments anymore, but what I do have is a life long experience of renting every horror moving on VHS that I could get my hands on, staying up late and growing a bond with the creatures and the actors such as, Vincent Price, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Pinhead, etc. and even enjoying some of the worst movies ever made.  One thing is for sure, horror movies don’t scare me like they did when I was a child but,  they make me see the world differently – I will never look at a funhouse, dirt roads, foggy nights, and graveyards the same ever again.


Raoul, Horror on Screen. Raoul is the creator and administrator of Horror on Screen. Not a writer by trade, he is instead a doctor in chemistry who just happens to love horror films. He writes reviews & articles hoping to bring a scientist’s point of view to the horror community…

Horror on Screen is a rather new website that focuses exclusively on horror movies, and publishes horror movies reviews daily. The website is made to be 100% interactive and users can vote for films, comments, build their lists, discover statistics about their tastes, and rank against other users.

What do you love about horror?

The way it makes you turn all the lights on after a good horror, but that doesn’t happen enough. Also I love the fantastic aspect of it, which explains why great monsters and sci-fi horror films have always been a favourite. Horror has a fantastic community of fans too.

What is your earliest horror memory?

The trailer of Alien (1979) on TV! I saw this trailer when I was 9 years old… and my imagination did the rest. I got scared to death for the 5 subsequent years, until I finally saw the movie, which was actually far less scary than my imagination made it.