News Bites: Facebook inadvertently helps out Oculus

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Despite not actually hitting cinemas until April 11th, Mike Flanagan’s Oculus has been given some unintentional promotion as it’s new trailer was revealed. Writer/director Flanagan went online last week to see how the public was reacting to his film, only to discover angry, aggressive reactions. In an interview with Mashable, he explained “I just saw stuff that was like, ‘F*ck you Oculus!’ I was like – ‘What did we do? Did people not like the commercial?”

In fact, in a crazy coincidence, news had just broken that virtual-reality headset maker Oculus Rift was being sold to Facebook for $2 billion. Taking place just a couple of day’s into the film’s marketing campaign, the company’s name just happened to include the same obscure word (an Oculus is a circular opening in the centre of a dome or in a wall)

When the internet made the connection, the memes began, with  Mark Zuckerberg’s face inside the Oculus movie’s signature oval mirror. “I started to get a kick out of it when people started doing PhotoShop versions of the poster,” Flanaga said. The anger towards the virtual reality company continued with Twitter users altering punctuation to change the film’s Twitter hashtag — #SeeYourEvil – to read #See?You’reEvil.

The title for the horror film was decided back in 2005, so it’s creators say they are not likely to face any problems. Flanagan did say “I had a couple of people message me on Facebook and say ‘congratulations,’” Flanagan said. “I promise you … no one bought our movie for 2 billion.”

Watch the trailer below

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