Pop Culture Characters Get Dissected by Artist NYCHOS


Artist NYCHOS has a whole series of incredible but slightly freaky superhero and pop culture art. We get to the see the familiar outside of the superhero along with their insides, exploded into layers just like a medical textbook from an alternate reality.


Raised in a traditional Viennese hunting family, death and dissection were daily business for Nychos. The proximity to animal viscera had a profound effect on him psychologically and visually – he now explores the theme of dissection in his art, pushing it to playful extremes.


Colliding style and subject matter, Nychos slices up animals and innocent childhood characters with unflinching graphic precision. His work confronts the viewer with wicked insistence, using the shock of cartoon violence as a vehicle for exploring subtler themes of mortality and temporality.


Nychos pays homage to these deathless cartoon heroes by peeling them open and giving them human substance.


In Nychos’ world, Spongebob has a skeleton, people live inside rabbits and there is always something wicked underneath. Pumped up on the visual adrenaline of comics, heavy metal and graffiti, Nychos’ work reflects the immense energy and technical focus necessary to produce work on the massive scale he has reached on the streets.


You can find out more at Nychos’ website, or purchase prints of his artwork through his webstore.