RJ Bayley Reviews: Hellraiser: No More Souls


Usually fan films impress by cramming lots of crazy ideas into a small running time from a smaller budget. Not so here, in producer, director and writer Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s Hellraiser: No More Souls. No More Souls is a monologue, here delivered by an older Pinhead, funnily enough played by also-actor Gary J. Tunnicliffe. Its simplicity works wonderfully. Pinhead recounts how, after humanity has killed itself with nuclear war, there is no more prey for him left to hunt no more sensation for him to experience. To see Pinhead at the end of his life is great fun, the Hellraiser equivalent of Old Man Logan, and to see him wish for suicide-by-cenobite is very evocative. Tunnicliffe is fantastic in the part, utterly compelling and believable as the same Pinhead from the films who’s at the end of his time.

It really looks the part as well, recreating the classic Hellraiser imagery of the spinning obelisk of flesh. Other than that it’s really parred down and it fits the bleak yet electric atmosphere. The dialogue is lyrical, sumptuously gothic and well crafted and the ending is fitting, effective and pleasantly unpleasant.

There’s not much to say about No More Souls, but that’s because it only aims to achieve one thing. And achieve it it does.


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