Nightmare on Elm Street Slot Review


It was 33 years ago when Nightmare on Elm Street first reached the screens and, although it came from a little known director and had a relatively modest $1.8 million budget, it has become one of the most popular, not to say scary, film franchises of all time, leading on to nine follow-up films, a while TV series and, now, a brilliant A Nightmare on Elm Street online slots game has been made too.

Of course, at the heart of the action is the terrifying Freddy Krueger, supposedly named after a boy who used to bully the original film’s director, Wes Craven, at school. At the heart of the terror is the fact that Krueger comes for his victims when they’re asleep so there really is no escape.

So, from this scary premise, it’s no surprise that the game itself should be 18-rated for the shocks and scares that it uses along the way.

The scary atmosphere and feeling of threat is further heightened by the soundtrack that goes with the game, not to mention the fact that Krueger is ever present in the action, waiting in the shadows and waiting to leap out at any moment.

The game is a five reel, thirty pay line machines and includes many terrified potential victims who appear on the on blood-smeared reels, along with the standard 9, 10, J, Q. K and A. Other special features include the Never Sleep Again bonus, a scatter which sets off free spins, Pick Me which starts a mini game and the spookily silhouetted form of Freddy that acts as a wild.

Because he only comes for you when you’re fast asleep staying awake is the way to keep out of Freddy’s clutches and this forms the action in the Never Sleep Again bonus. In this you’ll have to try everything you can to fight off sleep from drinking strong coffee to talking to friends on the phone. The more of these you manage to collect the bigger the winnings could be.

The Krueger wild is, surprisingly, a good sight to see because depending on where it appears, it will mean different things. When it’s on reels one and five it starts the Pick Me round where you can choose from different symbols to reveal prizes. Sometimes it will also expand into a full size figure of Freddy and this will start a 2 times multiplier.

Just to keep you really on tenterhooks there are also two progressive jackpots waiting to be won. The first is called the Freddy Krueger jackpot and the second is called the Nightmare on Elm Street jackpot. Like most progressive jackpots, both are awarded randomly but a tip to follow is that the higher your stake the more likely you’ll be to scoop one of these potentially sizeable prizes.

So, to sum up, Nightmare on Elm Street is a great slot that more than captures the scary excitement of the source film and has more than enough features to keep you interested, and a little bit on edge too. And isn’t that exactly what you want from a horror film, as well as a slot?

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