Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza are two brothers who make up the design team Nicebleed. Hailing from Cebu City Philippines, they started way back 2008 and never stopped creating since then. A wide variety of illustrations and visuals blanket the collaboration that contains flora and fauna, dark, macabre, graphic design to pop sureallism. Traditional, digital to mixed media contained their art.

They started working fulltime as freelancers in 2011, generating more prints and t-shirt designs. You might identify their art at shirt contest sites online like Threadless, Designbyhumans and Shirtwoot, to name a few. They love their currrent art style and want to continue doing some more of it at present.


The name Nicebleed originated from the brother’s obsession with playing Counterstrike Source. Francis used the name ‘Nosebleed’, which he felt was to gory to use as the company name, so changed it to Nicebleed. The brothers both worked in a photo editing company and lived under the same roof. When they became skilled in using Photoshop, they began designing wedding albums. Then they discovered Teextile and DesignbuHumans, t-shirt design sites and started working in the field of t-shirt design.


The brothers were attracted to designing shirts because it allows them to express their creativity, as well providing inspiring prices for freelance artists. They have cited the internet as the main tool in expanding their creativity, explaining “You can have all infos in a click of a mouse. The world is open and you can see other people’s art on the internet. Through this connection we seek and find ideas and inspiration” They work together closely in their design, alternating between working on the conceptual and technical elements of their work.


Salvador Dali, Shepard Fairey, James Jean, Jeff Soto, Alex Pardee, Hydro74, Wotto, Jimiyo are the brother’s artistic inspirations. They are fans of Ilovedoodle, Alexmdc, Sam Kaufman, Tang Yau Hoong, Enkel Dika, Spykeee, Dzeri29,Qetza, Mathiole, Kyle Crawford, Rob Dobi, Keaton Henson as t-shirt designers.

For more information about Nicebleed, check out their official website or Facebook.