News Bites

Welcome to our new News Bites feature. Here, we’ll cover breaking news and previews of the most exciting happenings in the horror community.

Dentes e Garras!

Dentes e Garras

First up,  Dentes e Garras!(Fangs & Claws!),  the first Portuguese production featuring a dinosaur going on a full rampage (in full practical effects glory). We were sent the trailer and it looks like a lot of fun, reminiscent of 80s Creature Features. The synopsis of “The Trashiest Motion Picture of the Year” reads – In the vein of Troma trash cult pieces and Italian rip-offs, comes an all new trash “disasterpiece”! Fangs & Claws! A drunk military recruit accidentally sets free a terrifying pre-historic monster, which will devour and destroy everyone who dares to cross his path! Throughout the carnage a hero rises to end the creature’s reign of terror. 

Check out the official trailer below, and the official Facebook here.

Tick Tock Trick


Another great indie horror project which was shared with is – Tick Tock Trick. The film was made by UK company Deleted Scenes Ltd. Here is the official synopsis – Selik Manor draws in a group with a love of the gothic world. The visitors desire for history, ghosts and magic is excited inside. The themed hosts charm the guests in the haunted setting with words and tricks. Zuri is secretly psychic and becomes aware of a dark unseen presence. They must all make their choice when to leave as time ticks by. Looks like an awesome, atmospheric film – we’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

Check out the trailer below and the official website here.

Beetlejuice II


Beetlejuice is one of our favourite horror comedies, and we were really excited to hear the news of a sequel. A few weeks ago, Tim Burton confirmed that he would be working on the film, and today Michael Keaton confirmed that he was involved with the project. Although it’s in the very early stages, we’ll be looking out for Beetlejuice II!