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We’ve been following upcoming zombie game ROAM for a while now, and yesterday some new gameplay footage was revealed. It’s really exciting to see this indie project coming together, and you can check out the latest preview below.

The game was born out of the team noticing the lack of the ability to build and defend in mainstream zombie games. Wanting more interaction with the background, and the ability to pick up and use in game object in survival strategies, the game was originally planned as a pixel art based project. When this proved to be too limiting, a full game was planned and a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign was launched. As all horror nerds know, there is more than one way to kill a zombie. The creators explained “with our player-skill aiming system, we are giving you the ability to carefully aim your shots for maximum effect. Shoot out the zombie’s legs and make them crawl, break their arms so they can no longer use them, or just go for the clean head shot! ” Game worlds are randomly generated, and there is a lot of emphasis on crafting items unique to the situation the player finds themselves in.


The team describe the game as :

You and up to three friends (online co-op) must scour a grim, ravaged world, where you have complete freedom to choose where you roam, what you do, and how you allocate and use the precious-few resources you will find on your journey. Every action in the game represents a choice – and each choice has pros, cons, and consequences.

Scavenge: You need food. You need water. You need tools to help you survive… So go find them!
Build: Barricade a building or build a fort in the woods. It’s up to you!
Fight: Defend yourself using an arsenal of typical and improvised weapons (melee/ranged)
Survive: If you can…


As a former Tower Defence addict, I’m really looking forward to this game. It looks like it’s going to add something fresh and new to the over populated shooter genre most zombie games seem to be falling into.

For more information, check out the official website.

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