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Award-winning director Raymond Carr will helm adaptation of “The Infestation at Ralls” for THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT anthology

NEW YORK, NY, February 25, 2014—Director, design and creature creator Raymond Carr is preparing to adapt Thomas Tessier’s short story “Infestation at Ralls” from his Remorseless (Sinister Grin Press) collection. Carr is the first of five directors signed to the THOMAS TESSIER WORLD OF HURT project.

“I love ‘The Infestation at Ralls,’” Carr said, “because it’s able to do so much in such a short amount of pages, without overloading the reader or convoluting the story. It’s part mystery, part demon possession, and part creature fright fest. The reader is left with the feeling that something is always lurking around the corner. I am excited to bring my tactics of creature design and story telling to this devilishly good story.”

The story follows Dr. Hugo Sturgis as he accompanies his friend to the Ralls School for young ladies. They are told that a woman was attacked two nights earlier, and upon examination, they are astonished to find the woman is not only pregnant but on the verge of giving birth. “There’s three of them,” she informs the stunned doctors, “and you’ll meet them soon enough!” Carr will bring this haunting tale to life with his own signature use of creature effects and stylized visuals. Filming will take place in 2014.

Raymond Carr has been apart of the independent film scene in Atlanta for the better part of a decade. His otherworldly, award-winning films feature creatures and characters that are a fun blend of sympathetic and scary. His design work has been featured in Magnolia Pictures V/H/S as well as various feature films and television programs. For more information about Carr, visit

THOMAS TESSIER’S WORLD OF HURT is an anthology film made from stories published in his Remorseless and Ghost Music (Cemetery Dance Publications) collections. All Channel Films, Inc. will provide domestic (U.S.) and Canadian distribution and a film teaser can be viewed at

The project is currently seeking qualified equity investors and lenders. Interested parties should contact Well Done Productions at


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