News Bites: Plan Z


A new breed of zombie movie has arrived

Plan Z follows the exploits of a regular man who has planned for a zombie apocalypse. We follow him on his journey in this contained thriller, that watches as the world unravels and best laid plans result in serious consequences. The film explores themes of survival, emotional torment and the personal struggles of survivors at the time of a holocaust.

The film is directed and written by Stuart Brennan and stars a host of upcoming British actors, as well as author and actor Terry Deary from Horrible Histories. The film is being produced by Brennan, Mark Paul Wake and David Izatt. Filming is underway and currently taking place in the US, Canada, France, Scotland, London and Italy. The film intends to be a stylish, fast paced thriller, that will be making a serious push for awards on the festival circuit.

Check out an interview with Stuart Brennan and Terry Deary about the film