News Bites: INK Trailer


One of my favourite films to feature on Popcorn Horror is Glasgow director Andy Stewart’s Dysmorphia, so we were super excited to check out the teaser trailer for his brand new body horror short INK. Part of a collection of body horror films, INK follows the release of the fantastically disgusting SPLIT (which we reviewed last month). The official synopsis reads:

“The third and final installment of Andy’s Body Horror trilogy, INK is the story of a man who takes the path of least resistance (and cost) in an attempt to turn his body into a work of art…

With cinematography by BAFTA winner Alan McLaughlin and FX by Split make-up designer Grant Mason, INK promises to be the perfect accompaniment to Andy’s previous films. Promotional materials will be designed by the guys at Custom Inc. Tattoo Studio in Glasgow.

Expect INK in late Summer 2014.”

Check out the teaser trailer below, or find out more about Andy’s work and his film company here.