News Bites: Home Sweet Home


Today on News Bites, we’re taking a look at an exciting indie horror project. Written, Produced, Edited and Directed by Adam Krause, Home Sweet Home is currently hitting the film festival circuit hard with upcoming appearances at Panic Fest (Kansas City, MO) on February 2nd and Wildwood Film Festival (Appleton, WI) on March 8th with many more to come. A DVD release is also planned for Spring 2014.


In the middle of a massive house hunt, a young married couple finds an obscure listing for a ‘For Sale By Owner’ house way out in the country. Ignoring advice from their realtor, the young couple drives out to the property to take a look. Appearing vacant, they see no problem with entering the house for a closer look, unaware of the horror waiting inside. With a runtime of 28 minutes, the film has also screened on Indie Horror TV.

You can check out the trailer below, and support the film by checking out their Facebook page.