News Bites: The Hillbilly Horror Show


Filthy Fingernails LLC. will be releasing Volume 1 of the long awaited comedy/horror series Hillbilly Horror Show March 1st. Each 1 hour volume showcases a variety of award winning horror shorts by up and coming filmmakers. The show is hosted by three fun loving and beer guzzling hillbillies, Bo (played by veteran actor Bo Keister; Remember The Titans), Cephus, (played by internet radio horror film host Scott Geiter, AKA Gruesome Hertzogg) and their kissing cousin, Lulu ( played by International model Rachel Faulkner)


Bo Keister is a veteran actor and producer. He has appeared in feature films, such as Remember the Titans, The Cabining, and Killing Kennedy to name a few. Currently, Bo co-hosts the top-rated Sportsman Channel show, Gallery of Guns TV, and has 3 films due to release in 2014. His other credits include several TV and web series shows, as well as numerous commercials for companies like Office Depot®, Coke®, NASCAR® and US Cellular®. Bo resides in Virginia with his wife and two sons.

Hillbilly Horror Show is a 1 hour bag of bloody fun. Hosted by our favorite, fun loving and beer guzzling hillbillies, Bo, Cephus and their “Smo-Kin” cousin Lulu. Each show is a bloody anthology of short horror films created by talented, up and coming filmmakers. Filthy Fingernails LLC, the company behind Hillbilly Horror Show, packages and distributes horror shorts, in this unique format.

Find out more at the official website.