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“Horror has a new day for terror…FOUNDERS DAY!” – Horror Society

“The characters seem to be a very important part of FOUNDERS DAY, which is an unfortunate rarity in most of today’s slasher films.” – Cinema Slasher

“After watching the…trailer, you would assume it’s much more than just a concept.” – Blood Sucking Geek

“I love surprises…[especially] the one where I wake up and find awesome trailers…[like the one] for the upcoming film FOUNDERS DAY” – DreadWorld

A really interesting horror project caught our attention this week. Founders Day is an upcoming horror film from writer/director Erik C. Bloomquist. With the release of the official concept trailer, the film boasts the talents of 18 actors, 20 crew members, and dozens of extras. Founders Day is written, directed and produced by Bloomquist, a Connecticut-based actor and filmmaker. His recent film Midnight Brew, starring Kyle Edward Cranston and Greta Quezada, recently played the Trinity Film Festival and took home the Screener’s Choice Award. Another project, Laundry Night, will soon enter its third year on international television on ShortsHD TV. It has also played several film festivals around the US, taking home awards at the Killer Film Fest for Scream Queen, Bad Ass Killer/Monster, and Killer Death Scene. The popular website HorrorBid said that the film “does more in five minutes than most features do in an hour and thirty. [It] is a brilliant little piece…a blast to watch.” Bloomquist and his team expect to shoot Founders Day in Connecticut in Autumn 2014 and release the film in Autumn 2015.


The film’s synopsis reads – “In FOUNDERS DAY, the quaint, suburban town of Fairfield is shaken by the shocking murder of high school student, Melissa Thompson. The prime suspect is jailed, and the residents look to the town’s bicentennial celebration to provide a sense of strength and normalcy. When more bodies turn up, however, the citizens of Fairfield grow increasingly suspicious of one another. With no clear motive, everyone is a suspect.”

Production on the concept trailer for FOUNDERS DAY took place in central Connecticut from August 14-18, 2013. It premiered on January 30, 2014 on Youtube. You can watch this impressive trailer below.

We asked Erik a few questions about the film.

Where did the idea for the film come from?
I wanted to make the movie that I’ve always wanted to watch but have never found. An intricately plotted, character driven murder mystery with a very distinct and specific mood: an autumnal sense of paranoia, fear, and mischief. I wanted to explore how a community is affected when a monster is released into the suburbs.

Describe the film in less than ten words.
Intelligent, scary, and fun. An awesome time at the movies.

What were some of your main horror influences?
Scream is definitely my favorite horror film of all time and is a clear inspiration for Founders Day. But Scream is more self-referential and meta than our movie. We’re definitely telling our own story and creating our own mood. Some of my other favorite horror films include Insidious, Sinister, Fright Night (both 1985 and 2011), Vacancy, The Strangers, The Exorcist and Cry_Wolf – a really smart, relatively low profile indie.

Tell us about making the film so far. Any challenges or fun on set stories?
Production on the trailer was an incredibly intense and rewarding five day shooting schedule. This was definitely our biggest challenge, as we worked with a total cast and crew of approximately 40, many background actors, and over a dozen shooting locations all throughout Connecticut. Logistically, we had to balance transportation, meals, rehearsal time, blocking, wardrobe and make-up, camera and lighting prep, and many more factors. Rather than being stressful, because we had an incredible team of talented professionals who shared in this vision, it was all incredibly exhilarating.

One of my favorite stories from set is when we shot some exteriors at a street festival. We were planning on using our jib for an aerial shot, but the tight pedestrian traffic didn’t allow it. We had to improvise to find a way to get the height we needed. A few team members and myself ran up and down Main Street, speaking with business owners until we convinced one to let us on their roof – 30 minutes before sunset. It was wild. And awesome.

Would you describe the film as ‘horror’?
Yes. But at its core, Founders Day is designed as a sophisticated, traditional, murder mystery. Horror gets a bad rap for being exploitative, gratuitously violent, and generic, but that’s definitely a generalization. Good horror awakens the imagination. Horror is simultaneously both an intangibly personal and communal experience. And it’s something that can be found anywhere. We’re not writing a loose story around gross-out kills. We’re writing a deeply thoughtful story with exciting characters that happens to include kills as a part of the narrative structure. And that’s a story I cannot wait to share.

Tell us about your zombie survival strategy.
1) Gather my closest friends and family, plus Liam Neeson.
2) Find (in order of preference), either a mall, supermarket, school or office building.
3) Gather all necessary supplies, and secure the perimeter.
4) Survive. Rebuild. Watch movies.

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