News Bites: Deadline II


Over the weekend, our attention was drawn to indie horror/crime movie Deadline II.

Tasara Films is back at it again with another deliciously disturbing film, thanks to the overwhelming applause by audiences in response to the original Deadline installment. The supernatural crime thriller picks up where the first installment, “Deadline” left off, bringing the four main characters full circle in a dramatic conclusion.

Directed by Chris Tasara, Deadline swept 13 awards including California Film Awards, the L.A. Movie Awards, the Lucerne International Film Festival, and the L.A. Cinema Fest. The film was also an official selection in the Fright Night Film Fest and the Indie Horror Film Fest, where it was nominated for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Leading Actress, and Best Cinematography.

Deadline aired on Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T video on demand in spring/summer of 2013 and will be hitting the foreign market next. In addition to his work on “Deadline II,” Chris is attached as director to Fangs from Big House Pictures, and “The Match-Up,” from Invictus Films.

A short preview of the film reads – “Brills has survived the shooting. The sequel opens with Brills and one of his henchmen on a boat out in the Pacific. Under dark. rainy skies they are disposing of a body. Brllls chums the water and within seconds a pack of tiger sharks are aggressively circling the bout. After disposing of the body Brills fires three rounds Into his partner, sending him into the water and a nasty death. Jackson has left the force and is working as a private eye. He has been hired by a wealthy Beverly Hills family to find their missing daughter. who has disappeared into the Hollywood underground. This case takes him into some dark corners of the city with a lot of dangerous and unsavoury characters. Sarah, the heroine from Deadline 1. asks to join him on this risky and uncertain mission. Though dubious. Jackson takes her on.”

Find out more at the film’s official website