News Bites: Chain


We spend a lot of time working with the independent horror community, and as a result often come across project’s we really want to get more recognition. Here’s one of these projects, a short horror movie called Chain which is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. The film centres on a man winding his way home through a series of corridors. With each step, his familiar surroundings begin to twist and morph; from something cold and unwelcoming into a dangerous and life threatening labyrinth of fear. As the corridors close in around him, the man desperately struggles to get to the safety of his apartment. Nothing, however, is more disturbing than what waits for him beyond the door.

Producer Paul Desira explains the vision for the film as “What I want to create with CHAIN is a film set within its own hostile microcosm. The film requires a dedicated focus on art direction, in order to create a detailed and visually compelling environment in which the action takes place. The narrative is very tightly woven but allows and encourages the audience to form their own interpretations.”

The film will be absent of graphic bloodshed, but will employ techniques associated with Val Lewtons “Less is more” theory. Therefore an audience watching CHAIN can expect crescendos of tension and foreboding, culminating in impactful supernatural scares.

You can donate and support the film here, and check out some artwork below.