News Bites

First up on News Bites, we came across the trailer for Mengejar Setan, an Indonesian horror film which we would like to nominate for the award of most jump scares packed into a trailer. For fans of ‘Engrish’, it also has a hilariously translated synopsis. “Andika never realized the old house owner, Jamilah ghost still haunting and terrorize anyone who occupies the old home for revenge on the injustice received during his lifetime. Until in the end the ghost figure enters Tarina. Because the action of the ghost wife has a wilder, Tarina groans pack Broto, a friend recommended the paranormal also managed to get on terror during a visit to the house.Pak Broto successfully unravel a mystery which enveloped the body of the mother Jamilah improperly buried in the back yard of the house.” Check out the trailer below

Also today, the teaser posters were revealed today for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The latest instalment in the franchise concens  agrowing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. The posters look almost like parodies of the recent trend of releasing overly dramatic character posters, Whatever you think of the CGI trend, those are some pretty impressive CGI apes.

Finally, the line up for Salt City Horrorfest was announced today, and it’s making me want to relocate to the US! It’s one of the world’s longest running 35mm horror festivals in the world, and the line up of classic movies looks amazing. What’s making me really jealous is the showing of 13 Ghosts, complete with William Castle’s Illusion O Vision goggles. The rest of the line up includes The Lost Boys, Pumpkinhead, Sleepaway Camp and Candyman.