News Bites


We were given information about Ground Zero, a new zombie apocalypse novel by writer Nicholas Ryan. The synopsis reads – “Aboard a freighter bound for Baltimore harbor, an Iranian terrorist prepares to unleash an unimaginable horror upon the United States. The ‘Wrath’ is an undead plague – an infection that consumes its victims with a maddening rage and turns them into mindless blood-thirsty killers. Jack Cutter is just an ordinary guy dealing with a dreadful guilt when the virus tears through his home town. Before it’s too late, Cutter will have to find a way to survive, and find a reason to fight: HIS REDEMPTION” 

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Our attention was also drawn to Sleepwalkers, a micro-budget creature-feature, directed by Ryan Lightbourn, which was shot in Wekiva Springs, FL. The official trailer for the indie film was revealed today, which you can check out below.

“Set in the deepest corners of Florida’s woods, five college students attempt to enjoy a festive spring break getaway when they encounter a deadly, nocturnal presence. As horrific events unfold, the group joins forces with a local convenience store owner and a prison escapee. With night time approaching, they must set aside their differences and use their wits to survive.”

​Look for it on the festival circuit in 2014.