News Bites

So it’s the start of another week. Let’s delve into todays News Bites.


First up, we were sent this short made close to us in Scotland. Siren is set in a not too distant future, where the siren warns us that curfew has started. No one knows why they must get in doors when curfew starts, but what they do know is, if you’re out after curfew, you’ll never be seen again. You can check out the film, directed by  Traian Tulbure below.

The Conjuring spin offs


The big news in mainstream horror has been that Warner Bros and New Line are developing a potential three spin off films from The Conjuring. Given that it was one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time, this was probably inevitable. One of the spin offs has been confirmed to be an origin story of the possessed doll Annabell. John R. Leonetti will be directing the Annabelle spin-off, which is said to be a prequel to the events that occurred in James Wan’s The Conjuring. The film is expected to begin production as early as December. As of yet, there has been no hints what direction the other two films will take.