News Bites

Welcome to our Saturday edition of News Bites. Hope you’re all having a good weekend!


First up, we’re really excited for upcoming Scottish film Starcache. The film is described as a blend of horror, action and adventure and it’s being filmed pretty close to us, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. The team behind Starcache sent us the trailer, which you can watch below. Here is the official synopsis – “Starcache is a new high tech treasure hunt game along the lines of geocaching, but with a twist. The founder of this game known as “Starcache” is Jack Keaton, an ex-military Captain, has made his game interesting with a 1 million dollar cache waiting to be found and claimed! But what starts out to be an ordinary caching event becomes a quest to stay alive.”

Find out more at the film’s official Facebook.

It’s just a Nightmare

Next, you might want to check out another indie project. It’s just a Nightmare is a short-short from filmmaker Karen Weza, who summarises here film as ‘You can run for only so long, before the Fear catches up to you’. We asked Karen a few questions about the film, which you can watch below.

Tell us about the film
I absolutely love trees.  I find them beautiful, and feel a connection with them.  But there is something about standing in a forest that scares the bejesus out of me.  The forest has a presence of its own.  The eerie creaks.  The solitude.  The dark shadows.  Anything can happen in the forest.

Tell us about the process of making the film
I love a challenge, and boy was this 3-day shoot challenging!  It was physically exhausting.  Not wanting to sacrifice the authenticity of “running for your life”, I understood that running balls-out through a forest would be painful.  There were a number of falls, cuts, and bruises, yet as the Director and Lead Actress, the show must go on.  I trained for a month prior to filming, running daily, which helped me endure the 5-6 hour forest shoot.  “It’s Just A Nightmare” was my most challenging project yet.  I hope the result thrills you.

Tell us about your future projects
Right now, I am in the midst of editing a dramatic short.  It’s haunted me for years, until I was courageous enough to tell the story.  I’ll be entering it in to festivals with the hopes that it touches hearts and shines a light on an aspect of war that’s experienced by few.

As far as future horror projects go, I was inspired after being spooked over Halloween weekend by not one, but three creepy spiders!  Who knew spiders had a sense of humor?  It was a cold weekend, and they were seeking refuge in my otherwise cozy apartment.  Talk about arachnophobia!  Those eight-legged creatures will be the subjects of my next horror short.

Matt Loftus

You may remember Matt Loftus as the winner of our writing competition. Matt is a filmmaker, and this week he launched a new blog for, among other things,his B-Movie reviews. You can find the blog here and check out an example of his reviews below.