New Glasgow Horror Fest Trailer & Collaboration with Ancient Order of the Droids

After announcing a couple of weeks ago that Glasgow Horror Fest was returning for 2018, we have been revealing more details about our annual Halloween event.

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New for 2018 is ‘The House with Neon Windows’; an 80s horror inspired escape room style experience set to a one-off horror sounscape, in partnership with Scare Scotland. Taking place in the eerie boiler room of Stereo, Glasgow – Popcorn Horror are thrilled to announce their collaboration with Ancient Order of the Droids in the presentation of the sound elements of this attraction,

The music comes from Terrore! – an imagined series of horror movies inspired by Italian cinema and John Carpenter. As part of Musike Di Diable record label, the Mexixan based composer has created five soundtracks for the fictional movies. The latest entry in the series, set for release this September, is Terrore! V: La Tomba del Maniaco. The talented composer behind Ancient Order of the Droids has also scored and wrote a real life horror film, The Shape in collaboration with his brother.

Check out the new Glasgow Horror Fest 2018 teaser, featuring music from the soundtacks.

Glasgow Horror Fest attendees can expect a soundscape bringing together 80s scares, Italian influences, and an eerie edge to the puzzles and mysteries of The House With Neon Windows.

Have a listen on Soundcloud.

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