New Floating Cinema Created for Social Distancing – Perfect for JAWS

As cities across the world are starting to reopen, France has a new attraction designed to keep citizens safe and provide a unique cinema experience. Like many other cities, Paris has been hit by the lack of tourists and lockdown of public spaces. The Seine river is traditionally a very important part of the country’s tourism industries, and the closure of buildings, boat tours, and visitor attractions has impacted many buisness owners.

On July 18, as part of the annual Paris Plages, a floating movie theater will be set up on the river at the Bassin de la Villette. The aim is to reintroduce social spaces in the capital while still allowing the public to socially distance. Cinéma sur l’Eau (translated as cinema on water) is set to launch the beginning of the Paris summer season.

Moviegoers will enjoy the 2018 film Le Grand Bain from one of 38 electric boats available for the occasion. In addition, 150 deckchairs will also be set out on the Quai de Seine so that even more people can enjoy an evening of open-air cinema.Each boat seats up to six people who are either friends or family so that no one’s health is compromised. A short film titled  ‘A Corona Story’, a comedy inspired by the pandemic will also be screening.

The organisers seem to be marketing the occasion as a classy, culture enriching experience that celebrates French cinema. And while that’s certainly impressive, we can’t help but feel they might have missed a trick here. The floating cinema experience seems made for a good watery horror movie – imagine being able to catch Jaws, Piranha, Lake Placid or Creature from the Black Lagoon while in one of the boats!

As attractions across the world reopen, we hope that horror isn’t left out of arena. Many fans are hopeful that altered Halloween events may go ahead with appropriate precautions being taken. Last month a drive-in version of a haunted house was announced to be opening in Japan.

What aquatic horror classics would you like to see in a cinema on the water?