New Audio Fiction Series Explores Queer Horror Set in Glasgow

Folxlore is an innovative new horror project from Glasgow. We are always excited to see interesting indie horror projects in our home city!

Folxlore is a series of queer horror stories written as a hybrid of spoken word theatre and audio fiction. Each episode in this series takes inspiration from the dark atmosphere of Glasgow, the life of queer people who live there, and the liminal space they often occupy – made all the more disconcerting by the possibility of a demonic dimension pressing in on the city, and peircing through reality’s veil. Folxlore asks the question: If paranoia is common sense, how can you tell if you’re being unreasonable? 

Funded by the Young Scot Nurturing Talent fund, the pilot series of Folxlore engages with themes of first romance, hate crime related trauma, and parenthood, all from a queer perspective. The series marks the first crossover of In The Works’ own brand of spoken word theatre and audio fiction and is produced by Tin Can Audio.

Producer Ross McFarlane explained Folxlore brings together a whole bunch of what we love as artists at In The Works; spoken word theatre and audio fiction, horror stories and queer stories, the demonic and the Glaswegian. With so many worlds colliding in the creation of this project, it makes sense that the stories we produced deal heavily with the theme of converging realities.”

As queer writers we often find ourselves telling stories to a world that doesn’t understand our experiences. So we hold the hands of our audiences and play a part that they recognise. We split into different versions of who we are. We live in two worlds. Folxlore, as a series, deals with aspects of the queer experience that embody this dichotomy, while simultaneously giving us space to be fundamentally queer in our writing and performance. We wrote stories not about being queer. Rather, we wrote stories about queer life, written by queer people. “

Several episodes of the series are available, including;

Werehouse, written by Ross McFarlane (he/him), is an atmospheric urban legend. Matthew recounts the story of himself and Luke as they sneak into an abandoned warehouse to sample a few bottles of smuggled alcohol – a loving tribute to many much loved campfire stories. 

Between, written by Syd Briscoe (he/him), is a 15 minute anxiety attack in a crowded public place. When trauma responses and eldritch nightmares strike on the platform of a subway station, there’s little to do but ground yourself, and establish the shape of the danger that surrounds you. 

Static, written by Bibi June (they/them), is the waking nightmare of being a new parenting – not knowing what you’re doing is normal… but not knowing what you’ve done is terrifying. Why is the child gone? When will they come back? All I asked for was to get some sleep. 

Although the series is a pilot, the producers are keen to return to it in future saying; “We will be coming back to these stories, these characters, and this place for a full series in the near future. This is us writing ourselves into Glaswegian folklore, and giving it back to those who feel they’ve been excluded. This is Folxlore. “


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