Netflix Hacks You Need To Know

We live in the golden age of television and Netflix has played a huge part in this new normal.

Netflix offers hugely enjoyable programs and is a fantastic service. However, you can enjoy it more with the hacks below.

Take control of your data usage

The data that you use while on Netflix can be controlled through its App or website.

This can be achieved by following these steps once you have opened the App: Menu, App Settings, Cellular Data Usage. It’s here where you can set on the GBs that you are comfortable using per hour. You can also access your data usage setting by visiting Netflix’s website through a browser. Click on Your Account followed by Playback Settings. While streaming on the mobile phone, Netflix says that this setting won’t be exceeded.

Creation of multiple profiles depending on your preferences   

There are lots of times when I question if Netflix truly knows my tastes based on the recommendations that I get. Many people prefer more than just a few actors, directors and genres. This is why these recommendations may rub some people the wrong way. The may seem limited or inaccurate.

You may need to put in some little effort to set up new profiles once you realize that the recommendations within your current profile have somehow been hijacked by recommendations you don’t like. Your likes can be reflected in the profiles that you create. Horror films, action-adventure and so on can be the themes of these new profiles.

Reddit: r/NetflixBestOf, a community within Reddit, can be extremely passionate and insightful when it comes to what to watch. You can ask this community to help you choose between two movies or even let them provide you with recommendations for movies that meet your preferred qualifications. Don’t get surprised when you get up to 15 that meet your criteria.

New discoveries with category codes:

There are almost 14,000 programs on Netflix. These programs can be accessed and watched from the main browser. As though that couldn’t be all that there is to watch, you may be unaware of the existence of even more content. Yes, there are secret codes and menus. The only shortcoming to these codes is that they can’t be accessed through your TV. Luckily, a laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet can be used.

How to determine if your favorite show may be leaving Netflix

So that you don’t end up missing out on what’s in store, Netflix displays the expiration dates of its movies and TV shows.

If a title will be leaving the website within 30 days, an expiration date will be displayed.

The movie’s or TV show’s details page will display the expiration date.

A Better Queue

Browsing through Netflix’s content can be very draining. Even more, remember there are lots of duds to browse through. This can be sorted out by A Better Queue. You can browse through streaming movies using the score that they received on Rotten Tomatoes through this site. You’ll in no time discover hidden gems on Netflix by using the recommendations provided by our go-to site for movie recommendations (Rotten Tomatoes). Looking for some drama film with a score that’s not less than 90% from the last decade? No worries, it’s got you.

Hidden Settings

Most people aren’t aware of how to access a few settings that you can tweak. Hold down Shift+Alt then left-click on your computer as a Netflix movie keeps playing. A pulldown menu will appear that helps to solve buffering issues as well as the adjustments of other settings. This pulldown menu can be accessed on Macs by pressing Shift+Opt.


Frustrating as it is it may not be Netflix fault – there are other potential problems too – broadband being a large one. However you can check to see if there are service interuptions to the streaming service among others with down detection, down radar. This will allow you to determine what the problem is and this can often be a relief.

Boot out account users

You can lockout any bill deadbeats or debauched kids by simply heading to “Settings” that is found under “Your Account”. Click on “Sign out of all devices” to kick them out.