NASA Shares Eerie Image of Jack O Lantern Sun

Everyone is getting into the Halloween Spirit, with the 31st October now less than a week away. But if you think your spooky decor is impressive, NASA has taken the opportunity to show us just how amazing nature’s Halloween decorations can be.

Every year, NASA share a photograph on social media which was taken in 2014. The image shows the sun, with its darkened regions bearing a striking resemblance to a carved Jack O Lantern. The image of the sun is from October 8, 2014 taken at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

The solar image was captioned “Even our star celebrates the spooky season,” the post says. “In 2014, active regions on the Sun created this jack-o’-lantern face, as seen in ultraviolet light by our Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.”

This image came about when the active regions around the sun traced out the pattern that had an uncanny resemblance to the pumpkin. “As you get into the sinister spirit of Halloween, look to the cosmos for creepy celestial displays,” NASA said.

According to NASA, the ‘active areas’ look brighter because they are spots of the highest light and energy emittance.

Source: NASA Releases Solar Jack-O-Lantern Photo For Halloween |

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