Mundane Monsters Illustration Series Shows Slashers Down-Time


Allison Conway is an illustrator based in Rochester, NY.  Her portfolio explores a mix of the serious and the fanciful. She illustrates nature, science fiction, horror, and social issues such as environmental problems and animal welfare. She uses a highly detailed illustrative style to bring these ideas to life.


We particularly love her series ‘Mundane Monsters‘. The series of illustrations show some of the most popular horror franchise’s killers doing their simple daily and mundane tasks. The characters featured include Freddy Krueger having his breakfast when all the kids are awake and he doesn’t need to be on duty. Chucky re-stitches his face since he has been killed so many times his face needs to be touched up now and then. Jigsaw from the Saw series pumping his tricycle’s tires for another day of terrorizing his victims. Lastly, one of the killers from Scream ironing a new cloak for a new day of killing.


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