Movies That’ll Make You Forget About 2020

2020 has been a heck of a year. It is no doubt one that will go down in the history books. You are truly living in a time that will be remembered and talked about for years and generations to come. Our own president got accused of rigging the election, racism reared its ugly head again, and the entire world was hit with a pandemic so deadly that it has most people still locked away in their homes. It is enough to make you never want to step foot back outside again, and no one would blame you if you didn’t. Most people are just staying in and binging on their favorite streaming devices, but binging what? Comedies, of course! That being said, there are some comedies that are marginally amusing at best, and then there are absolute classics.

If you are tired of endless scrolling through your streaming devices, searching for something to make you forget about what is going on around you, you should consider checking out these instant classics.

Eighth Grade

Everyone remembers what the eight grade was like or at least, a similar time in puberty. Even if you didn’t make it to the eighth grade, you’ve likely been placed in similar, embarrassing situations growing up. Just imagine scrolling through your most embarrassing middle school Facebook posts for 90 minutes. That’s exactly what watching Eighth Grade is going to be like. The only difference is that you’ll be holding back the laughs while secretly cheering along with the movie’s protagonist, hoping to protect her from all that’s bad in the world. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible and you have to sit back and watch it all unfold.

Girls Trip

There is nothing better than watching a good group of friends let loose and go haywire. This is why Then Hangover was such a huge hit, but Girls Trip was an entirely different experience. Not only was it about all females, but it was the movie that introduced the world to Tiffany Haddish. A good introduction that’ll likely never be forgotten. It is also a movie that’ll never be forgotten, as it will be modeled after for years and years to come. Expect to see many more movies made in the image of this messy girl’s weekend. Paul Thomas Anderson said that this was one of his favorite movies of all time. That right there alone say speaks huge for the movie.


Olivia Wild is and will always be known for her stint on the OC, but after Booksmart, she’ll be remembered for this one as well. This well thought out movie takes the last day of high school structure and does completely new things with it. While this is a scenario that you’ve seen time and time again in many movies, this one makes it feel new, exciting, and fresh. The characters are extremely well written, the conversations are well-meaning, the soundtrack is without a doubt one of the best of its time. Couple all these things together with the comical scenes in this movie, and you’re left with one movie that’ll likely change the way you look at high school movies.

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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Who doesn’t love one of those “where are they now” stories? Everyone does! And, that is just what this movie offers, as a fake documentary film crew follow around pageant girls as they ruthlessly compete for a small town crown that could lead them to local fame. Although this movie is made in modern times, it does revert back to the 90s fashion, style, and antics, which is something that deserves a laugh all on its own. Whether you know anything about beauty pageants or not, this movie will have you interested by the time it is over. It’ll show just how ruthless and cruel the world can be.

They Came Together

Who doesn’t love good Paul Rudd movie? He is almost like a modern-day Ben Stiller. Who doesn’t love a good Amy Poehler movie? Get them both together and it’s like a non-stop SNL skit that’ll have you rolling on the ground begging for a respite. While this is a rom-com, it is much different than what you’d expect from a rom-com. Couple this unique setting with the pairing of the wacky comedy tag-team duo, and you are truly looking at an instant classic that will go down in the comical history books.

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