This Mother Was Sent Abusive Messages For Dressing Her Son As A Zombie

Yes, it’s another tale of the trolls lurking around every comment thread on the internet. Amy Louise, from Brisbane found herself subject to abuse when she shared images online of her son Phoenix taking part in a zombie photoshoot.

For Phoenix’s first birthday, his mother wanted to capture some memorable images in honor of his frighting and difficult start to life. “I’ve always been a really different and creative person, and I knew that I couldn’t just do a ‘naked baby with a blue cake in a studio’ type shoot,” she told the Daily Mail

The photos were created by Amanda Queen Photography, and show Phoenix as an adorable tiny zombie smashing through a brain-themed cake. After receiving abuse including death threats, his mother revealed the story behind the shoot in an attempt to silence those critical of her choice.

Phoenix was born with no heartbeart, Amy Louise writes in an essay for Australian parenting website Kidspot.

‘“He’s not breathing!” I hear the doctors say. I see Gary, he’s standing with his hands on his head while he tries to see our tiny human — but there are too many doctors.’, his mother wrote.

‘They are pushing on our baby’s chest, “one and two and three and breathe”, “one and two and three and breath” … ten very long and painful minutes go by. The faces of everyone in the room were of fear and shock.’

Incredibly, he began to breathe after thirteen minutes – on the 31st October. ‘My little baby had come back from the dead on Halloween on October 31, 2015. They swept him and Gary away to intensive care, I didn’t get to hold him, I still hadn’t even seen his face, but he was alive. I didn’t know how healthy he was but that didn’t matter right now. I had a son somewhere in that hospital.’ Amy recalled.

The little boy was isolated for a few days away from his parents while he recovered from the traumatic birth. His mother was only allowed to hold him four days later. ‘He was beautiful – 3.5kg of perfection right there on my chest. “I love you my zombie baby” I said as I kissed his hairy head – wrapped in his all-black swaddle that took me months to find.

“What is his name?” the nurse asked me. We had thought about the best name to suit our little miracle, “Phoenix” I said. Our little baby who rose from the ashes – it was perfect.’

Other parents were quick to criticize the images, posting comments including “that’s absolutely disgusting to put your baby in a theme like that”, “what kind of a mother dresses their son as a dead baby” and “this is so offensive to all the women who have lost their children”. Some event went to so far as to say they wish the child had died. What the abusers didn’t realize was that Amy knew exactly how it felt to come close to loosing her son.

Thankfully today the little boy is healthy  – and looks like he’s having great fun on his Halloween birthday! He’s certainly the cutest zombie we’ve ever seen.

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