Morte Comic Book Shows the Power of Silence

Source Point Press debuted a new one-shot comic book at the Days of the Dead horror convention in Chicago this month titled “Morte”. It is the story of the last man on earth, now alone amongst a landscape of corpses, and how he chooses to spend his time in this new world surrounded by the dead. The story only has one word of dialogue in it, and no written narration whatsoever. In this unique setup, readers are given an intimate insight into the central character’s grief, desperation and sadness. If you have also struggled with feelings of sadness – you may want to read this interesting article on where to turn.

The story is written by Kevin Joseph (Tart, The Poodles of Potter’s Peak) and illustrated by D.A. Bishop (Of Stone, Stranger). “There’s power in the silence of this comic,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. “The horror of the situation can be felt throughout, and it delivers a range of strong emotions, from sadness to a calming sense of purpose.”

The lack of dialogue or narration is not the only sense of silence the reader perceives from the story. It’s also in the concept, that there is no one left for this character to speak with, no more vehicles driving, no more playgrounds full of laughter, no more human activity. Ryan Kroboth, artist on the comic book series Sunmaker, got his hands on a copy and sang its praise. “It was powerful and gripping. For a story with no words, it speaks volumes.”

“D.A. Bishop and Kevin Joseph connected beautifully in the storytelling process,” says Source Point’s Art Director Joshua Werner, “and that comes through the pages on the final product.” He continues, “this is one of the best examples of pure sequential storytelling we’ve seen, and we’re proud to have it amongst our titles.”

While fans of horror and dystopian future stores will gravitate to this comic, it’s an emotional story about finding new purpose that appeals to any fan of comic books as a storytelling medium. It can be purchased for a mere $3.99 at

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