Monster Zombie Claymation

Everyone loves a bit of gratuitous gore. The video nasty craze and grindhouse horror films heavily influenced this fun little animation – Monster Zombie Claymation. In the short film, someone flicks through various horror movies on television, before deciding on a zombie flick. The film-within-the film’s lead character attempts to survive the apocalypse with the assistance of a shotgun, decides he needs more weapons, and returns from the shed to find an influx of demons.

There’s a lot of throwback to the classics – in particular the claymation sequence in the original Evil Dead.  The buildings are constructed from lollipop sticks, and the zombies and monsters are detailed and gruesome. The whole atmosphere of the piece is nightmarish and surreal – and we love it!

You can check out Monster Zombie Claymation below, enjoy the bloodbath!

The creator of the film, Trent Shy, has created some awesome clay horror posters as well. Here’s a few of our personal favourites.

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Find out more about Trent’s work at his channel.