MIT Scientists Create ‘Nightmare Machine’ – AI To Horror-fy Life


Scientists at MIT have developed an artificial intelligence capable of horror-fying our everyday lives.  The so-called “Nightmare Machine” uses AI to generate horrifying faces, and turn location photographs into haunted landscapes.


The team, lead by Pinar Yanardag aim to answer the question – ‘Can a machine learn to scare us?’.


The first aspect of the project, Haunted Faces used deep learning to generate new faces, before dropping “a hint of scariness based on the machine’s analysis of Halloween related imagery. Visitors to the project’s website as asked to rank the scare factor of the faces to help the AI develop better skills in generating nightmares!


In the Haunted Places section, the team explain “We use state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to learn how haunted houses, or toxic cities look like. Then, we apply the learnt style to famous landmarks and present you: AI-powered horror all over the world!”


So far the results are a little mixed. But it does raise interesting questions, like – ‘could horror movies of the future be directed by machines?’.