Minecraft Halloween Town

Halloween is fast approaching, and many people tell me that one of their favourite traditions is watching The Nightmare Before Christmas with the kids. We’ve previously debated whether it’s a Halloween or a Christmas movie, but either way, it’s got some of the more iconic Halloween sets of all time. That’s why this Minecraft creation is so impressive, it manages to capture the visual style of the film so well using the tools of the game. The designer ilikecutepeople describes his work 

“This is a setting with a creepy motif. The buildings are gothic in design (often clearly modeled on The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari), there’s always a heavy fog in the air that obscures your vision, and the full moon always lights the cloud-draped sky… even at 2:30 in the afternoon. Halloweentown is usually inhabited by the usual assortment of horror trope creatures. The main color schemes are black, gray, orange, red, and black and slimy green, and black… sometimes in combination.

Despite the somber colors and the Horror Trope decor, this setting is not always played solemnly. Imagine the Perky Goth or Nightmare Fetishist character as a setting, and you’ve got this place. It’s less Eastern European and more trick or treat. Halloweentown is usually not that scary, at least not intentionally so. It’s intended to be somewhat playful and fun. A good way to tell if a series is set in a place like this is if there are jack-o-lanterns and it’s not Halloween, although it’s not a prerequisite.”








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