Yours and Mine: Short Fiction by Angel Zapata


Over the next five weeks, we will be publishing work by horror writer Angel Zapata.

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Yours and Mine

Behind the schoolhouse, they were playing that classic game of show me yours and I’ll show you mine. It was twenty minutes after four o’clock. Most of the other children had already boarded school buses or piled into carpool mini-vans with somebody’s mommy or daddy.

Brian was feeling very much alone, yet strangely elated.

The four seventh-grade girls had all delivered as promised, but Brian, the only boy present, was having second thoughts. The girls had joined hands and formed a circle around him.

“It’s your turn now,” Alice, the tallest, most attractive of the girls informed him with a smile. “We all want to see.”

“I don’t know if I want to anymore,” Brian said quickly.

“But you swore to God and everything,” another of the girls called out. She popped out her bottom lip and sighed. “God won’t be very happy with you.”

Brian was nervously rubbing his hands against the sides of his jeans. His forehead was damp with sweat. He spent a moment looking from face to face, seeking an ally.

The girls began to slowly move in unison, stepping in tandem to their left, and spinning the soft circle of their bodies around him. Brian smelled perfume and bubble gum.

“But you can’t make me,” the boy said with great satisfaction. He brought his arms up to his chest and crossed them. His eyes watched the way the light breeze they were generating lifted the hair from their shoulders. They didn’t seem to be listening.

“Do you hear me?” He asked. “I’m not going through with it. I mean it.” Receiving no response, Brian threw his hands up above his head and sneered. “Whatever. I’m leaving.”

He stepped forward, and a foot stretching from everywhere at once kicked him viciously in the crotch. With a sharp intake of breath, he collapsed to the ground. He couldn’t quite speak and there were hot tears streaming down his flushed cheeks.

The circle stopped spinning, and gradually began closing in.

“Now we play for keeps,” Mindy said. She squatted down beside him while adjusting her short skirt. Brian could see the beautiful brown skin of her legs. She frowned, tilted her head to the side, and blew him a kiss.

Brian was balled up on the asphalt, breathing hard and groaning.

Another girl bent down in front of him. He was fairly certain her name was Lucy. She reached out her hand and carefully stroked his damp hair. Brian opened his eyes, and fought off a wave of nausea.

“Carson didn’t want to show us either,” she whispered in his ear. She then showed him the knife she’d been hiding behind her back. “That’s what makes this game so much fun.”


Ten minutes later, Lucy was showing one of the other girls what she got from Brian.

“What do you think, huh?” She asked Mindy, pausing to hold it up to the young girl’s face. “Now show me yours.”