Micro-Budget Horror To Tackle Themes of Depression and Suicide #DIHM


Here’s a micro-budget indie horror film to check out during Disability in Horror MonthThe Ferryman is an upcoming psychological horror film from director Elliot Maguire, which aims to explore themes including mental health and suicide.

The film began production in March 2017, and follows lonely teenager Mara who is stalked by malevolent entity after a suicide attempt.

Shooting took place in and around Manchester throughout March and April, with the production taking inspiration from Sundance hit “Tangerine” and shooting on the iPhone 7, allowing a level of intimacy rarely seen in the horror genre and pushing this advancing technology to its limits.


Maguire explained; “As much a psychological drama as a horror film, The Ferryman explores important themes such as depression and alienation in the modern world, while also delivering a truly terrifying cinematic experience. In the writing process I took inspiration from classics such as Let The Right One In and Candyman, to create that deep sense of evil, while creating characters that the audience actually care about”.

Check out the newly revealed teaser trailer below.

The Ferryman Teaser Trailer 2017 from Elliott Maguire on Vimeo.