Mickey Mouse stars in 31 Horror Movies

Mickey Mouse just always seems to have been around. My grandparents remember seeing his shorts in the cinema, and I had a collection of his Christmas stories on VHS at some point in my childhood. He is undoubtedly to world’s most recognisable animated character, his iconic ears symbolising the entire Disney empire. We’ve seen a lot of dark-Disney related work, but this one manages to be pretty charming.

UK artist and designer Simon Phipps challenged himself to drawn Mickey Mouse every day for a year – in a variety of styles and themes. If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll love this project. But his October collection particularly caught our attention, because he depicts Mickey in a variety of Halloween costumes inspired by horror movies. It’s not gruesome or dark – it’s just Mickey playing dress up – but it is a nice nod to some of the most celebrated, and some more obscure, classic horror films.

mickey mouse horror

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