Michelle Prebich


Michelle Prebich is an artist born and raised in Southern California. She has always been fascinated by macabre and quirk subject, having grown up watching Tim Burton films of the 1980s and 90s. She has always been interested in drawing, and particularly enjoys using wet mediums such as ink. As well as art, she cites classical piano, reading and theatre as huge outlets.


She describes herself as a film and literature geek, and loves the dark/romantic era and existential themes. She has a particular fondness for plague doctors, the fascinating history behind them and the striking images of their costumes. Because of this, they tend to be Michelle’s main subject, alongside birds and other scavenger like images. studied at the California State University of Long Beach.She directed film shorts, and enjoyed production design and art direction. She freelances in the film industry, and sells her artwork online and at festivals. Her thesis film “A Serious Talk” (completed there) was shown at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2012.


Collaborating with CRB’s Ghostwalk from 2005-2010, she took part in a variety of original pieces of theatre that included performing as an actor, composing original pieces on the piano, writing, design, and stage management. A classically trained pianist, she writes for piano and has done scores for short films. ​In 2011, Michelle collaborated with BRAVA in Riverside, California to direct and co-write an original theatre production, “Ghosts of Yesterday”.



Find out more about Michelle’s work, and purchase her products at her ETSY. You can also find her on Twitter