Mexican Artist Creates Illustration Series Paying Tribute To Women in Horror

Mexian artist and illustrator Alejandra Gámez aka ‘The Mountain With Teeth’ created this fantastic series of drawings paying tribute to notable female characters in horror films. She originally created the series as part of an Inktober challenge, but we thought that horror fans would enjoy checking it out during Women in Horror Month.

The series features a diverse selection of female characters, some iconic while others are a little more obscure. Of course, stand out characters you would expect are part of the series of illustrations – such as Nancy from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Carrie in the famous prom scene, and a mallet-wielding Annie from Misery. Slightly less well known characters include Nola from The Brood, and young vampire Eli from Let The Right One In.

Check out the artist’s website for more info, and let us know who is your favorite female character depicted in this series.  You can also head over here to find out more about Women in Horror Month.



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