Mega Spins Slots Features Explained

Slots were invented in the 19th century and the first slots were masterpieces of engineering. These mechanical machines were lever activated and they contained 3-reels and up to 50 symbols that were mostly playing card faces. These games had symbols of differing values and the ultimate aim was to get 3 matching symbols to line up in a row. The jackpot was hit when the most valuable symbol lined up on the reels. This was and remained the basis for slot games for some considerable time – click to learn more. It wasn’t until slots moved from their mechanical origins to becoming electrical entities that things developed further. When early video slots came into play in the late 1970s and early 1980s, new features began to appear on slot games. More reels were introduced, different symbols came into play and the bonus round was introduced. 

The Digital Revolution 

The digital revolution of the 1990s was dream come true for the slots industry. The new virtual video slot format that was introduced at online casinos allowed slot games to expand further. The new technology available, allowed for even more symbols, special features that could be triggered randomly during the base games and extravagant bonus rounds that were played out by transporting punters to a second screen. All these developments helped to ensure that slots became the number one gambling entertainment available to the public. The fact that these games were available online for the masses to access in the comfort of their own homes, whenever they wished too, further cemented their appeal. 

The Present Gambling Climate 

Remarkably, slots are still king even now and this is despite them being introduced online over 20 years ago. During this time, further advances in technology has allowed for more creative and immersive games, that are packed full of features and bonus rounds, where winning life-changing jackpots are now a reality. New features are constantly being introduced and these include innovations such as buying a bonus, or gambling your bonus away for a better one. 

Mega Spins 

Spinning the reels is exciting enough but what if every spin was a Mega Spin? Thanks to Microgaming you can play a slot game that has multiple games within it. With Mega Spins games, players are introduced to a slot that has five separate slot platforms within it. This means that each spin activates other separate games in just one spin. It is basically like spinning up to 6 slots at the same time. They work just like normal slots but because there are so many extra reels in play, more than your 3 standard bonus symbols are needed to activate the bonus rounds. Features such as Mega Spins Double Magic increase the stakes further; here a maximum of 9 screens can be activated. 

Final Thoughts 

Recent slot features are all about presenting slots on a much bigger scale and Mega Spin slots are a good example of this, along with Megaways slots. It does make you wonder what the future of slots will bring in the coming years.